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To provide you with the most up-to-date information on H1B visas, we source our data from the H1B database's LCA H1B disclosure data. This data is updated every quarter, so you can be sure that the information you're seeing is accurate and current

Job Title
Average Salary
Worksite City
2023 Chevron Corporation San Ramon California $ 240,335 /Year Houston
2023 Gen Digital Inc Tempe Arizona $ 140,500 /Year Tracy
2023 Ibm Corporation Durham North Carolina $ 185,300 /Year Yorktown Heights
2023 Wave Life Sciences Usa Inc Cambridge Massachusetts $ 128,960 /Year Cambridge
2023 Idexcel Inc Herndon Virginia $ 115,000 /Year Rensselaer
2023 Indupro Inc Seattle Washington $ 86,792 /Year Seattle
2023 Aarna Priya Inc Herndon Virginia $ 98,000 /Year Herndon
2023 Twilio Inc San Francisco California $ 112,860 /Year Tempe
2023 Wipro Limited East Brunswick New Jersey $ 85,072 /Year Chicago
2023 Aarna Priya Inc Herndon Virginia $ 98,000 /Year Herndon
2023 Aarna Priya Inc Herndon Virginia $ 98,000 /Year Herndon
2023 Qualcomm Technologies Inc San Diego California $ 126,819 /Year Austin
2023 Digerati Systems Inc Frisco Texas $ 92,040 /Year Austin
2023 One Stop Global Solutions Llc Madison Wisconsin $ 102,482 /Year Englewood
2023 Massachusetts General Physicians Organization Somerville Massachusetts $ 84,600 /Year Boston
2023 Amgen Inc Thousand Oaks California $ 103,607 /Year Tampa
2023 Erico International Corporation Solon Ohio $ 118,099 /Year Columbus
2023 Speedway Llc Enon Ohio $ 127,099 /Year Enon
2023 Flexiv Robotics Inc Santa Clara California $ 100,000 /Year Santa Clara
2023 Squad Software Inc Iselin New Jersey $ 85,406 /Year Farmington

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