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To provide you with the most up-to-date information on H1B visas, we source our data from the H1B database's LCA H1B disclosure data. This data is updated every quarter, so you can be sure that the information you're seeing is accurate and current

Job Title
Average Salary
Worksite City
2024 Microsoft Corporation Redmond Washington $ 155,000 /Year Redmond
2024 Uber Technologies Inc San Francisco California $ 193,500 /Year San Francisco
2024 Uber Technologies Inc San Francisco California $ 165,500 /Year San Francisco
2024 Uber Technologies Inc San Francisco California $ 230,000 /Year San Francisco
2024 Microsoft Corporation Redmond Washington $ 148,731 /Year Austin
2024 Vensoft Inc Glendale Arizona $ 102,294 /Year Phoenix
2024 Global Technical Software Services Inc Hamilton New Jersey $ 109,932 /Year Charlotte
2024 3i Infotech Inc Edison New Jersey $ 103,000 /Year RICHMOND
2024 Antra Inc Sterling Virginia $ 88,500 /Year Vienna
2024 Econtenti Inc Edison New Jersey $ 56 /Hour Secaucus
2024 Expedent Corp Edison New Jersey $ 104,000 /Year Morrisville
2024 Jnit Technologies Inc Parlin New Jersey $ 102,939 /Year RICHMOND
2024 Prospect Infosystem Inc Chesterfield Missouri $ 100,000 /Year Jefferson City
2024 Sagenet Llc Tulsa Oklahoma $ 132,753 /Year Milton
2024 Sahi Softtech Inc Chandler Arizona $ 102,688 /Year CHANDLER
2024 Stafftech Tallahassee Florida $ 69 /Hour Tallahassee
2024 Tekbasic Llc Monmouth Junction New Jersey $ 86,100 /Year INDIANAPOLIS
2024 V Soft Consulting Group Inc Louisville Kentucky $ 96,000 /Year Virginia Beach
2024 Vspastra Solutions Llc Columbia Maryland $ 96,787 /Year Dublin
2024 Whiztek Corp Palatine Illinois $ 76,794 /Year Houston

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