H1B Salary Database 2024: Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs, Cities & Companies

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H1B Salary Database 2024: Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs, Cities & Companies

Nowadays, references and a firm's branding play a major role in determining whether someone chooses to join or leave a company. However, we think that data ought to be the foundation for these choices. We aim to furnish our audience with up-to-date H1B data, enabling them to make informed decisions concerning employment, salaries, and firm types.

We have updated our 2024 H1B Salary Database for our devoted audience as of February 2024. It rates employers according to a variety of H1B-related statistics from US government organizations, including the US Department of Labor and USCIS. Following our analysis of H1B wage data, we discovered that the average yearly compensation for an H1B in the US was $167,533.


Introduction to H1B Salary Database 2024


  • What is the H1B Salary Database?

The H1B Salary Database is a valuable resource for anyone interested in H-1B visas and the salaries associated with them. This database contains information about wages offered to foreign workers with H-1B visas in the United States. It typically compiles data from various sources, including:

  • U.S. Department of Labor (DOL): Employers sponsoring H-1B visas are required to file Labor Condition Applications (LCAs) with the DOL, which disclose the offered wage.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS): Visa petition documents sometimes include wage information.
  • Private Data Providers: Third-party companies collect and aggregate H-1B data from various sources.


  • Importance of the H1B Salary Database for Job Seekers and Employers


  • For Job Seekers

  • Negotiate Salary: Provides insights into market rates for specific H-1B positions, helping job seekers negotiate competitive salaries.
  • Target Job Search: Identifies high-paying industries and employers for H-1B jobs.
  • Evaluate Job Offers: Compares offered salaries to industry standards.


  • For Employers

  • Compliance: Ensure offered salaries meet prevailing wage requirements for H-1B sponsorship.
  • Competitive Compensation: Benchmark salaries against competitors to attract and retain H-1B talent.
  • Market Analysis: Understand salary trends for specific occupations and locations.


  • Overview of the 2024 Data Release

Overview of 2024 H1B Salary Data Release

Source: ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter records show that annual earnings have ranged from $96,000 to $216,000, with the majority of H1B incomes currently falling between $141,000 (25th percentile) and $192,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) earning $206,500 nationwide. Even with several years of experience, there aren't many prospects for greater income or development, regardless of location, based on the average wage range for an H1B, which is roughly $51,000.


Methodology Behind the H1B Salary Database


  • H1B Salary Data Collection Process

H1BInfo.org derives H1B data exclusively from official US government sources, where the data is released by the federal agencies' mandated public disclosure policies. Here are a few of the data sources we make use of.

  • The US Department of Labor (DOL) provides information on the H1B Labor Conditional Application (LCA), the PERM Program, which is a part of the US Green Card Process, prevailing wages, and other topics.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS): Data on H1B Approvals by Company, Quarterly Trends in H1B Data Processing, and Historical Reports.
  • Data for general information, such as the Census Bureau, are made public.

To provide insightful analysis, we analyzed more than 6 million data entries. With 135 columns in the majority of these data records, you can only imagine how much data there is. There are around 800 million data cells in all!


  • H1B Salary Data Quality

To guarantee data quality, we employ sophisticated data-cleaning techniques. The majority of the data that we obtain from official government sources has to be significantly cleaned up because it is not clean. To guarantee the quality of the data, we employ multiple data cleaning methods. When automatic algorithms are unable to produce high-quality data, our team also does manual data evaluation and cleanup. At H1BInfo.org, our first concern is the integrity and quality of the data!


  • Criteria for Ranking Jobs, Cities, and Companies

We evaluate H1B data using a range of Quantitative Modeling approaches and provide insights about H1B Jobs, Cities, and Companies. Based on several criteria, we assess H1B jobs and firms using our in-house developed algorithms. To demonstrate the grade's reliability, we additionally provide our confidence score for the grade based on data availability.

H1BInfo.org ranks jobs and firms based on several criteria, some of which include:

  • Average Offered Salary: Primarily used for ranking both jobs and companies, based on the average of reported salaries for each entity.
  • Number of H-1B Filings: Used in company rankings to indicate their H-1B sponsorship activity.
  • Prevailing Wage Comparison: Shows if offered salaries meet or exceed the DOL's prevailing wage for the specific occupation and location.


Top 10 Highest-Paying H1B Jobs in 2024

Explore which H1B jobs in the USA pay the most by using our extensive list of job titles and average annual incomes that correspond to them. We cover everything, including tech, finance, and healthcare. Start your career in the highest-paying jobs in 2024 by learning which job titles are paying the best incomes!

Top 10 Highest Paying H1B Jobs in 2024 (1st Quarter)

Average Salary/Year

Chairman CEO & President

$ 1,100,000

Endovascular Neurosurgeon

$ 950,000

JDE Sr. Systems Analyst/Order Management

$ 845,080

Physician (Invasive Interventional Cardiology)/Medical Director

$ 727,778

Structural Cardiologist

$ 700,000

Pulmonary – General And Critical Care Physician

$ 690,199

Director Of Pediatric Robotic & Minimally Invasive Surgery

$ 620,000

Computer And Information Systems Managers

$ 600,000

Cardiologist Structural Heart

$ 600,000

Consultant Trauma Critical Care General Surgeon

$ 585,998


Top 10 Companies Offering High Salaries in 2024

Check out which 10 companies are paying the highest salary to H1B workers in the first quarter of 2024. Top firms for H1B visa holders, like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, are included in our list along with their typical wage offers. This list will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions when selecting businesses.

Top 10 Companies Offering Highest Salaries in 2024 (1st Quarter)

Average Salary/Year

Paramount Group Management LP

$ 1,100,000

Willis-Knighton Medical Center Inc

$ 950,000

The Lawrence Memorial Hospital

$ 850,000

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

$ 845,080

ScanlineVFX LA LLC

$ 800,000

Catholic Health Initiatives Colorado

$ 727,778

Iowa Physicians Clinic Medical Foundation

$ 700,000

Mercy Hospital Cedar Rapids Iowa

$ 690,199

Covenant Medical Group

$ 650,000


$ 535,000


Top 10 Cities Offering Highest Salaries in 2024

Explore which American cities offer the greatest salaries to H1B workers. Based on the first quarter H1B statistics for 2024, this carefully selected list includes the cities and average salary. Learn which businesses are setting the standard and which cities have the most opportunities for international talent.

Top 10 Cities Offering Highest Salaries in 2024 (1st Quarter)

Average Salary/Year


$ 535,000

Presque Isle

$ 515,000


$ 480,000


$ 407,428


$ 396,000


$ 375,131


$ 365,000


$ 348,775


$ 345,000


Analysis of H1B Salary Trends Across Industries in 2024

Using our proprietary technology, we have aggregated data from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to produce the following insights. If you are looking for more detailed information, you may visit the official website where these data were obtained.


  • Tech Industry: Highest Paying Jobs and Companies


  • Highest Paying Tech Jobs (Average Salary per Year)

    • Computer and Information Systems Managers ($600,000)
    • Chief Technology Officer ($375,000)
    • Tech Lead Graphics Engine PICO ($370,000)
    • Senior Director Software Engineering ($363,700)
    • Sr. Director Software Engineer ($360,000)


  • Highest Paying Tech Companies (Average Salary per Year)

    • OpenAI OpCo LLC ($376,667)
    • Special Support Technologies Inc. ($375,000)
    • VSOFT INFOWARE INC ($245,000)
    • Google ($135,000+)
    • Facebook (Meta) ($130,000+)
    • Amazon ($125,000+)
    • Microsoft ($120,000+)
    • Apple ($115,000+)


  • Trends

    • Tech salaries continue to outpace national averages, with strong growth for specialized roles like AI and cybersecurity.
    • Demand for skilled tech workers remains high, driving competitive salaries and attracting global talent.
    • Remote work options increase flexibility and potentially expand salary reach for H-1B workers.


  • Healthcare Industry: Salaries and Job Opportunities


  • Salaries

    • Vary significantly depending on specialization and experience.
    • Physicians and surgeons command top salaries ($200,000+), followed by dentists, physician assistants, and nurses.
    • Average H-1B salary in healthcare: $85,000 (slightly above national average)


  • Job Opportunities

    • Growing demand for nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals, is driven by an aging population and expanding insurance coverage.
    • H-1B visas play a role in filling crucial staffing gaps in specific specialties like radiology and anesthesiology.


  • Trends

    • Salaries in certain specializations are rising, but competition can be fierce, and geographic location impacts earning potential.
    • Increased focus on mental health and geriatric care may create new H-1B opportunities.


  • Finance and Banking: Salaries and Job Market Overview


  • Salaries

    • Generally high, but vary based on role, experience, and location.
    • Quantitative analysts and traders earn top salaries ($120,000+), followed by investment bankers and financial advisors.
    • Average H-1B salary in finance: $95,000 (above national average)


  • Job Market

    • Competitive, with a demand for specialized skills in quantitative analysis, risk management, and financial modeling.
    • H-1B visas are used to fill talent gaps in areas like algorithmic trading and data science.


  • Trends

    • Automation may impact some traditional roles, while demand for data-driven finance specialists will likely grow.
    • Regulatory changes and globalization can influence job opportunities and salary trends.


Factors Influencing H1B Salaries

Several variables, such as employment level and location, might affect the H-1B compensation in addition to the prevailing wage. These variables could consist of:


  • Geographic Location and Cost of Living Adjustments

  • Location significantly impacts H-1B salaries. Major tech hubs like San Francisco and New York generally offer higher salaries compared to smaller cities to reflect higher living costs.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) considers cost of living adjustments when determining prevailing wages for H-1B positions. However, actual offered salaries may deviate from this baseline.


  • Education and Experience Requirements

  • Higher education levels and extensive experience lead to higher H-1B salaries. Specialized degrees, certifications, and proven track records command premium compensation.
  • Employers often pay more for rare or hard-to-find skills, especially in niche fields within tech or healthcare.


  • Company Size and Industry Norms

  • Larger companies, particularly those in tech and finance, often have the budget to offer higher H-1B salaries compared to smaller firms.
  • Industry norms also play a role. Tech companies typically offer higher salaries than, say, manufacturing or hospitality industries.


  • Additional Factors

  • Job Type: Specialized or leadership roles generally command higher compensation.
  • Employer Reputation: Prestigious companies may attract talent with higher salaries and benefits.
  • Negotiation Skills: Effective negotiation can lead to securing a more competitive salary.


Strategies for Maximizing H1B Salary Potential

While maximizing your H-1B salary is essential, remember that ethical and legal considerations are paramount. Here are some strategies for enhancing your H-1B salary potential within these boundaries:


  • Negotiation Tips for H-1B Employees

  • Research: Gather salary data for your specific occupation, location, and experience level using tools like h1bdata.info, salary comparison websites, and professional networks.
  • Understand Your Worth: Highlight your skills, experience, and achievements specific to the role and company.
  • Prepare Talking Points: Anticipate possible salary offers and prepare counter-arguments with data and evidence.
  • Focus On Value: Emphasize how your skills and experience benefit the company.
  • Negotiate Non-salary Benefits: Explore options like signing bonuses, relocation assistance, or stock options.
  • Seek Professional Guidance: Consider consulting an immigration attorney or career counselor for negotiation advice specific to H-1B regulations.


  • Skill Development and Continuous Learning

  • Invest in Ongoing Education: Pursue relevant certifications, and online courses, or attend industry conferences to stay updated and marketable.
  • Develop Specialized Skills: Focus on learning cutting-edge technologies or gaining expertise in niche areas where demand is high.
  • Quantify Your Impact: Track and document your achievements and contributions to the company through projects, metrics, and testimonials.
  • Demonstrate Initiative: Volunteer for challenging projects, propose new ideas, and showcase your leadership potential.


  • Networking and Building Professional Relationships

  • Connect with Industry Professionals: Attend industry events, join online communities, and actively participate in professional networks.
  • Build Strong Relationships: Foster positive connections with colleagues, mentors, and potential employers.
  • Stay Informed About Market Trends: Keep yourself updated on industry advancements, job market changes, and emerging opportunities.
  • Seek Career Guidance: Leverage professional networks and mentors to gain insights into potential career paths and salary ranges.


  • Ethical and Legal Considerations

  • Never misrepresent your qualifications or experience.
  • Negotiate within legal and ethical boundaries, respecting your employer and prevailing wage regulations.
  • Seek professional guidance for complex situations or uncertainties.

Remember, salary is just one factor in your professional journey. Consider factors like work-life balance, career growth opportunities, and company culture when making decisions.



For those with H-1B visas in 2024, cautious optimism is forecasted. Despite continuous legislative changes and economic ups and downs, there is still a high need for qualified workers in vital industries like technology, healthcare, and finance. The secret to negotiating this terrain is to adopt a proactive mindset. Remain up to date on policy changes, actively broaden your skill set via ongoing education, and foster robust professional connections. Keep in mind that job satisfaction goes beyond financial compensation. Prioritize factors such as work atmosphere, growth possibilities, and job satisfaction while making important decisions.

Furthermore, for the first quarter of 2024, H1BInfo.org updated its H-1B salary database, offering insightful information that will help you make wise decisions. We strongly advise checking the website for up-to-date information about H-1B visas, including the lottery procedure and prevailing wages.



  • What is the H1B Salary Database, and how is it useful?

The H1B Salary Database compiles information on salaries offered to H-1B visa holders, providing insights for both job seekers and employers. Job seekers can research average salaries, identify potential high-paying employers, and negotiate effectively. Employers can benchmark their offerings, ensure compliance with regulations, and attract top talent.


  • How often is the H1B Salary Database updated?

The update frequency varies depending on the specific database. The US Department of Labor in short DOL releases data every quarter. H1BInfo.org regularly updates its h1b salary database, while others might have specific schedules. Remember, data may not represent real-time trends.


  • How does the H1B Salary Database help employers in hiring decisions?

Employers can compare their offered salaries to market averages and prevailing wages to ensure competitiveness and compliance. They can also identify areas where they might need to adjust their pay to attract desired talent.


  • What are the key factors influencing H1B salaries?

Location, experience, industry, company size, job type, and education level all play a significant role. Cost of living adjustments and employer reputation can also be factors.


  • How can H1B employees negotiate for better salaries?

Research competitive salaries, understand your worth, prepare talking points highlighting your value, negotiate confidently, consider non-salary benefits, and seek professional guidance if needed. Remember, ethical and legal considerations are paramount.


  • How does the H1B Salary Database contribute to transparency in employment?

Making salary data more accessible, can help promote fairer compensation practices and inform both job seekers and employers about market trends.


  • Where can one access the H1B Salary Database for 2024?

Several databases exist, with varying data, methodologies, and subscription models. Some publicly available options include:

  • U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) H-1B data (requires FOIA request)
  • H1Binfo.org (recently updated database as of February 2024)

Last 5 Years H-1B Salary Data

h1bInfo.org is an independent website that displays public disclosure data in a user-friendly format. We have analyzed 10 years of H1B data from USCIS and the US Department of Labor, covering more than 6 million records from FY 2014 to FY 2023. However, for the latest and most accurate data, it's best to check the official sources directly. All content on H1BInfo is copyrighted and all rights are reserved from 2022 to 2023.

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