[Updated] 2024 H1B Salary Database: Stay Ahead with Fresh Data

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[Updated] 2024 H1B Salary Database: Stay Ahead with Fresh Data

In today's fast-paced world, staying informed is not just advantageous but also a necessity. As of 9th February 2024, we have updated the H1B salary database of H1BInfo.org for the first quarter of 2024. This update brings forth crucial information that impacts both H1B visa holders and employers.

Our mission at H1BInfo.org is to enlighten our users with updated data on salary trends with the most recent and accurate data to make appropriate decisions while choosing a professional job career or company.


Brief Overview of the H1B Visa Program

The H1B visa program remains a vital pathway for skilled foreign workers seeking employment opportunities in the United States. Designed to attract talent from all over the world, this program facilitates the hiring of non-immigrant workers by U.S. companies in specialty occupations that require specialized knowledge and expertise.


  • Importance of Staying Updated With H1B Salary Data For H1B Visa Holders

One of the key elements in the H1B visa application process is ensuring that the offered salary meets the prevailing wage requirements set by the Department of Labor. Staying informed of the latest salary trends and regulations is crucial for both visa applicants and sponsoring employers. Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to delays, denials, or even legal consequences, emphasizing the significance of accessing the latest salary information.

To save you time and effort while searching for H1B jobs, we have updated our H1B Salary Database as of February 9th, 2024. Now, you may find a carefully curated list of H1B positions that are available in your area.

H1B Salary Highlights for 2024


Introduction to the 2024 H1B Salary Database on H1BInfo.org

To facilitate the need for timely and accurate data, we are proud to present the 2024 H1B Salary Database on H1BInfo.org. Our comprehensive database acquires the most recent salary information for H1B visa holders across various industries, geographic locations, and job titles. Whether you are a visa applicant aiming to ensure compliance or an employer seeking to offer competitive compensation packages, our database serves as your go-to resource for reliable salary insights.

H1B Salary Database 2024


  • What does our H1BInfo.org Provide its Users?

At H1BInfo.org, we understand the importance of accurate and comprehensive salary data for H1B visa holders and employers. Here is how our platform caters to the needs of our users:

  • Accurate Salary Figure: Our commitment to accuracy sets us apart. We provide users with precise salary figures, including the latest data for the year 2024. Unlike many other sources, we derive our information directly from US government agencies like USCIS, and the US Department of Labor, ensuring reliability and authenticity. Users can trust that the salary figures they find on our platform are up-to-date and reflective of current market conditions.
  • Salary for Different Industries and Job Titles: Diversity in employment opportunities is a hallmark of the H1B visa program. Recognizing this, we offer users to access salary information across various industries and job titles. Whether you are in technology, healthcare, finance, or any other sector, our platform provides insights into the compensation offered by different companies for similar roles. 
  • H1B Salaries According To Geographic Variations: Geographic variations also play a significant role in determining salary figures, especially for H1B visa holders working in different regions of the United States. Our platform caters to this need by clearly displaying salary figures according to geographic variations. Whether you work in bustling metropolitan areas like New York City or smaller towns across America, our database provides localized salary data. You can simply look up your city or region to access accurate salary information tailored to your specific location.


How to Utilize the H1BInfo.org 2024 H1B Salary Database?

Incorporating the 2024 H1B Salary Database into your visa journey or hiring process can significantly enhance your understanding of prevailing wage trends and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Here is how both H1B visa holders and employers can effectively utilize the H1B Salary Database.

We have included all the search options and filters necessary for you to locate a nearby H1B job posting. You can narrow down your search using a variety of filters, such as Year, Job Title, Employer Name, Employer City, Employer State, Employer City, and Average Salary.

You can utilize the search box on the H1BInfo.org homepage to narrow down your results by job title, company name, or keyword. To locate H1B Jobs Near you, you can also utilize the Location box to input a location, such as a State or City.

H1B Job Search for 2024


Simply click the search button to find all the available H1B jobs in your area after entering the necessary filter parameters. In a matter of seconds, you will receive all of the job results, as seen in the screenshot below.

H1B Job Details After Searching


You will get insight related to job titles, company names, cities, states, and even average salary per year. To learn more about the job, you can simply hover over the job title then you can see the details button. Clicking on the details button you will get more details of that job as shown in the screenshot below.

H1B Job Detail Button After Hover


You'll discover details on job titles, business names, states, cities, and even the average annual salary. You can view the details button by hovering over the job title to learn more about it. You can view additional information about that job by clicking the details button, as seen in the screenshot below.

H1B Job Complete Details


Simply looking through these facts will allow you to quickly learn the work case number, status, pay range, and even the prevailing wage. You can decide whether or not to apply for h1b jobs that interest you based only on these details. With the help of our salary database, you can also examine data from the last five years to determine the salary trends for particular work positions. Along with training yourself to fit into the job market and negotiating salary with employers, you can also research which job titles are in greater demand in the United States.

Last 5 Years H1B Salary Data


Tips for H1B Visa Holders on Negotiating Salaries

Navigating the negotiation process for H1B visa holders can be complex, but if you are armed with insights from the 2024 H1B Salary Database, you can approach discussions with confidence. Here are some tips to leverage this data effectively:

  • Research Prevailing Wages: Use our h1b salary database to research prevailing wages for your occupation in your intended work location. This information provides a benchmark for negotiations and helps ensure that your offered salary meets or exceeds the prevailing wage requirement.
  • Highlight Your Value: Utilize the h1b salary data to emphasize your skills, qualifications, and experience during negotiations. Demonstrating how your expertise aligns with industry standards can strengthen your bargaining position.
  • Be Informed: Stay updated on industry trends and be prepared to adapt your salary expectations accordingly. Our H1B database offers real-time insights into changing salary dynamics, allowing you to adjust your negotiation strategy as needed.


Guidance for Employers in Setting Competitive Salary Packages

For employers sponsoring H1B visas and offering competitive salary packages are essential for attracting top talent and ensuring compliance with labor regulations. Here are ways to leverage the 2024 H1B Salary Database to set competitive compensation:

  • Benchmark Against Industry Standards: Use the H1BInfo.org database to benchmark salaries for similar positions within your industry and geographic region. This ensures that your offered salaries are competitive and align with prevailing wage requirements.
  • Stay Compliant: By referencing the H1BInfo.org Salary database, employers can ensure that their salary offerings meet or exceed the prevailing wage for the specific job role and location, minimizing the risk of compliance issues or visa application delays.
  • Attract Top Talent: Highlighting competitive salaries based on data from the 2024 H1BInfo.org Salary Database can attract skilled professionals, enhancing your ability to recruit and retain top talent in today's competitive job market.

At H1BInfo.org, we take pride in providing users with accurate and reliable data. Some reasons to trust our website are:

  • Comprehensive Data Collection: Our salary database aggregates salary information from various sources, ensuring comprehensive coverage across industries, job titles, and geographic locations.
  • Regular Updates: We regularly update our database related to H1B salary to reflect the latest salary trends and regulatory changes, providing users with the most up-to-date information available.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our website offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to search, filter, and access salary data relevant to your needs, empowering users to make informed decisions with confidence.


Final Say

As our blog comes to an end, let’s highlight the significance of the H1B Salary Database of 2024 and its impact on the H1B visa journey.

In the dynamic landscape of H1B visas and employment regulations, staying informed is key. Regular updates and maintenance of our database ensure that users have access to the latest salary information, reflecting current market trends and regulatory changes. By prioritizing accuracy and reliability, we empower H1B visa holders and employers to make informed decisions that align with their goals and compliance requirements.

Lastly, we encourage you, readers, to explore the information available on H1BInfo.org and use our updated 2024 H1B Salary Database for your visa and hiring needs. By visiting our website, you can access comprehensive salary data, including accurate figures for different industries, job titles, and geographic locations.

Visit H1Binfo.org today to ensure you have the most accurate and reliable data at your fingertips!



  • Are H1B employees underpaid?

No, H1B employees are not necessarily underpaid. The salary of an individual H1B visa holder depends on various factors, mainly their skills and qualifications. Highly skilled workers typically command higher salaries, reflecting the value they bring to their roles and the demand for their expertise. Conversely, individuals with less experience or specialized knowledge may receive lower salaries. It is important to recognize that the salary of an H1B employee is determined by the nature of their work and the prevailing wage rates for their occupation and geographic location.


  • Can I access the salary database for previous years on H1BInfo.org?

Yes, H1BInfo.org offers users access to salary data for previous years in addition to the updated 2024 dataset. Our platform provides a comprehensive historical perspective, allowing users to track salary trends over time and make informed decisions based on past year data as well as current information.


  • How can I ensure that the salary information I find on H1BInfo is accurate and reliable?

At H1BInfo.org, accuracy is our top priority. We source our salary data from reputable sources, including government websites and verified industry sources. Additionally, our team conducts thorough quality checks to validate the information before it is made available to users. The salary figures you find on H1BInfo.org are meticulously curated to provide the most reliable insights.


  • How can I increase my H1B salary?

Increasing your H1B salary requires a strategic approach and proactive steps. Enhance your skills, negotiate effectively, explore job opportunities, seek promotion or advancement, and stay informed about market conditions and visa regulations. By implementing these strategies you can take steps to increase your H1B salary and advance your career goals.

Last 5 Years H-1B Salary Data

h1bInfo.org is an independent website that displays public disclosure data in a user-friendly format. We have analyzed 10 years of H1B data from USCIS and the US Department of Labor, covering more than 6 million records from FY 2014 to FY 2023. However, for the latest and most accurate data, it's best to check the official sources directly. All content on H1BInfo is copyrighted and all rights are reserved from 2022 to 2023.

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